Essiac Tea For Cancer, Everything You Need to Know!

Everything you need to know about Essiac tea is right here! Where to buy, how to make and how to take… There is a lot of mis-information on the Internet about Essaic, all of this info and links can be trusted, including where we buy our herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs… I chose Mountain Rose Herbs because they sell the freshest herbs and  many in the Lyme community have been buying their herbs with complete satisfaction… AND I trust them to properly blend the four organic herbs and the correct quantity to make Essiac tea.. 

Essiac Tea


This is the correct info about Essiac tea…. The link to buy and the recipe to make is at the top of this email, please be sure to check out the links I have researched below this as these truly are the only trusted links I will use for this tea… Most Essiac info on the “net is not correct, it has been changed by resellers to make you think they are selling their herbs for less… The original Essiac tea discovered by Nurse Caisse was made from 4 herbs, many resellers lead you to believe she changed this to 8 herbs. What they have done is add in 4 inexpensive herbs and since they sell the herbs (blended) by the pound, it actually costs them less per pound because of the added inexpensive herbs. All the links here have been researched by me and they are good links you can trust… 


Mountain Rose Herbs, their herbs are organic and very fresh… They use the correct 4 herbs in the correct amount and sell an Essiac Blend.  This means you do not have to buy the individual herbs and weigh out the correct amount, they’ve done it for you! Cost is $29.00 for one pound plus shipping, this should last one person about 20 months. I suggest making 1 1/2 pints (24 ounces) as we use 1 oz of the tea concentrate per day, so this will last about 24 days… The tea should be consumed daily for 3 weeks, and not consumed for one week each month (basically 3 weeks on the tea, 1 week off). I don’t drink the tea for the first 7 days of month and then I  drink it every day for the rest of the month. 

The Blend you buy from Mountain Rose should be put into a covered glass container and stored in a dark kitchen cabinet or better in the fridge. I keep my glass jar in a brown paper bag to keep the light off of it..


If you buy the ESSIAC BLEND (highly suggested)

This is the link:  Buy the top item “1lb Essiac Blend organic………… $29.00




Do not use any aluminum utensils as aluminum can react

with Essiac tea.


Supplies Needed:  Enameled or stainless steel pot or Corning casserole dish (8 – 12 quart size).   Covered glass jug (for the liquid tea concentrate) that will be placed in the fridge..

Kitchen strainer (stainless or plastic), funnel,  glass measuring cup (Pyrex),  wood stirring spoon. Small scale that weighs in ounces (optional). If you need to buy a scale, just be sure it measures in ounces, getting one that also measures grams (.01) is good for measuring powdered supplements as listed below from Amazon..




Dry Measure Equivalents

 3 teaspoons  1 tablespoon  1/2 ounce  14.3 grams
 2 tablespoons


1/8 cup  1 ounce  28.3 grams



Gram scale on Amazon (optional), also measures ounces.



You will use 1/2 ounce of the dry herbs (Essiac Blend) to make a pint, or 3/4 oz to make 1 1/2 pints or 1 ounce to make a quart of liquid concentrate… Since we drink this tea for 23 – 24 days in a row, 7 days in a row off monthly, I feel it is best to make 1 1/2 pints (24 ounces) of the tea concentrate if this is used for one person. The daily use of the tea concentrate is 1 ounce, so for 23-24 days you will use 24 ounces. I make this tea concentrate just before going to bed so it can steep while I sleep. Always store the tea concentrate on the bottom shelf of the fridge as it is coldest there and the tea will last longer. 

The tea concentrate has a shelf life of 2 months in the fridge, but toss out if it smells funky..  



Here’s how you make the tea concentrate.

1 1/2 Pint recipe: use 24 ounces (make 26 ounces as some may dissipate) of distilled water, add to a large glass, ceramic or stainless steel pot (8 to 12 quart size), add in 3/4 ounce of the Essiac Blend dry herbs and hard boil for 10 minutes (lid on the pot), then place on very low heat (just enough to keep the tea warm) for 12 hours (lights off, light affects the tea). In a warm climate, no heat is necessary. If the lid is “see thru,” cover with a towel, light is not good for Essiac.



After the 12 hours is up, reheat the pot to steaming, but not boiling, turn off heat  and allow tea concentrate to sit for several minutes, then pour the tea through a plastic or stainless steel strainer into your glass jug and refrigerate (I actually stain into a bowl first, then pour into my glass jug, easier.  The stuff in the strainer is also very healthy, I actually give it to my dogs in their food.. I personally won’t eat it as this can mean too much detox since we are drinking the tea.


1 Pint recipe: Use 16 ounces (make that 17 ounces) of distilled water and 1/2 ounce of the Essiac dry herbs (follow above instructions).

1 Quart recipe: Use 32 ounces (make that 35 ounces) of distilled water and 1 ounce of the Essiac dry herbs (follow above instructions

If you do not own a water distiller, you can buy distilled water at the supermarket by the gallon for about $2.


How to make your daily cup of tea




Nurse Rene Caisse used 1 oz. of Essiac tea concentrate (cold) in at least 2 oz of hot water once daily for cancer patients.    Do not microwave the tea.  Drink Essiac tea on an empty stomach, at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after food.  Take the time to sip your Essiac tea slowly; don’t gulp it down.  Essiac tea is detoxifying so it is very important to drink plenty of pure water during the day and to have regular bowel movements.  Discard Essiac tea if it tastes sour or when white mold appears floating on the surface.  Essiac herbs and tea are light and heat sensitive so it is important to store in a cool, dark place.  I also drink the sediment on the bottom of the cup..




“It is our experience that the body seems to resist Essiac at higher doses.  Rene Caisse considered high doses a complete waste of the remedy and risked the possibility of stimulating over-detoxification crises.”



Below are some important links about Essiac tea… I’ve also written a bit of information to help you understand the much false information on the Internet about Essiac tea.



September, 2011, I was reading one of Jim Humble’s (MMS founder) newsletters and he was talking about a current day healer he was impressed with.. I started to research this healer (sorry, forgot his name) and he was mentioning a detox tea that had a good success rate with cancer. I started researching this tea, Essiac tea, a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse discovered. The more I researched this tea, the more I was impressed at what it could do for those with cancer, including stage 4 cancer patients. And since this Essiac tea and Nurse Rene Caisse was well known in the Canadian medical community and government, this was the real deal!  The only problem, all I could find was it was helpful for cancer, nothing about Lyme… But it sounded so interesting, I decided to try it anyway… Later I found it is good for detoxing the body period! So good for those with chronic diseases (Lyme) and also for healthy people too.



There is a tremendous amount of false info on the Internet about this tea, so best to stick with the links I have posted as they are links that are authorized and approved as the original Essiac tea… 
This 4 herb tea recipe was discovered by Nurse Rene Caisse… If you spell her last name backwards, it is Essiac, the name of the tea! This is a 4 HERB recipe and it is the only one you should use… Others on the Internet say she changed this to an 8 herb recipe, this is FALSE. (She started with an 8 herb tea, but later whittled this down to 4 herbs, it was more effective).  What these sellers did was add 4 lower cost herbs to this recipe, and since they sell all 8 herbs mixed together and sell it by the pound, it makes their product much less expensive by adding in some less expensive herbs, lower the amount of the more expensive herbs, but it also dilutes the original recipe.. I almost fell for this until I realized it was a weakened tea. I would never use the 8 herb mix… The real 4 herb tea costs more per pound because it has more of the expensive herbs in it…  You should buy organic herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, sold as “Essiac Blend.”  This is a one pound blend of the 4 organic herbs used in Essiac tea.  They also have the freshest herbs!! I highly suggest buying the Essiac Blend for $29.00 Mountain Rose sells, this is really the best way to buy these herbs as they are properly weighed and blended already. 

Also, DO NOT buy the capsules, tea bags or tinctures being sold,  this tea must be brewed from fresh herbs, boiled and steeped for 12 hours for this tea to be effective. The capsules and tinctures while named Essiac tea ARE NOT Essiac tea.





Here are some very good safe sites about the 4 herb tea… 



Are Essiac capsules and tinctures as effective as Essiac Tea?

>>>>>The preparation of Essiac is as important as the formula itself.  Essiac is a decoction, not an infusion.  An infusion is what people make when they put a tea bag in a cup of hot water.  Generally speaking, an infusion tends to extract vitamins and volatile oils from leaves and flowers.  A decoction is used to extract minerals, bitter components, etc. from hard materials such as roots, bark or seeds by boiling for a few minutes and then allowing the herbs to steep for several hours.  Entrepreneurs often sell Essiac imitations in tincture form (herbs in alcohol) or in gelatin capsules; neither form is Essiac because Essiac is a tea and, more specifically, a decoction that must be made in a certain way in order to achieve the kind of results that Nurse Caisse was demonstrating. <<<<<<<



>>>There is an incredible amount of disinformation about Essiac on the internet.  Therefore, if you have arrived here feeling confused from reading the many contradictory claims made by websites that sell Essiac<<<



This tells what Essiac tea is..


This is how it was discovered…


This proves the original authentic recipe


This is an affiadavit written by Mary McPherson who helped Nurse Rene Caisse make the tea… NO other recipe should be used!


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